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Thanks so much!

As one of the youngest ever elected Courtenay Councillors I am committed to listening to my community, and working hard to make it a better place for everyone.

To Tree or Not to Tree?

The City of Courtenay has been researching and drafting changes to its tree bylaw for a couple of years, as it hasn’t seen any updates since 2006. Staff worked on the recommendations for the new tree bylaw for most of 2016 and many of you got involved with the public...

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Ride the Bus and Win $500 with In2Transit

Riding the bus this summer was even more rewarding than usual for many people in the Comox Valley, due to the In2Transit promotion run by the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). During July and August over 40 bus riders won prizes valued at $50 or more. Brian...

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Your right to vote

The falling Autumn leaves are always a time of introspection for me, and this year with their early departure from heat stress I have a lot to reflect upon. Last year at this time, I was knee deep in my campaign for Courtenay Council and this year I am like the rest...

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A busy couple of months

It has been a busy couple of months! I have had the privilege of attending a conference in Vancouver, that was put on by the Columbia Institute, and the theme was "tools for inspired leaders". I learned a whole variety of things from the many seminars and speeches so...

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