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Rebecca Lennox successfully campaigned for Courtenay City Council in the 2014 elections.

She hopes that more people in the Comox Valley will take an interest in local politics as it has a direct effect on our daily lives and future security.

Rebecca Lennox

Rebecca Lennox

Courtenay Councilor

Rebecca grew up in the Comox Valley and wants to be a part of shaping it for the future.

Having worked as a hairdresser in the Comox Valley since 2009, after returning home from studies abroad, Rebecca had the pleasure of interacting on a personal level with people from all different backgrounds, value systems and professions in this community.

She’s lived overseas, experiencing and learning from other cultures. Such experiences have exposed her to different ways of life, models of environmental sustainability, and progressive social and political models.

Rebecca is currently pursuing further education at North Island College.

I love this place I call home, both for its natural beauty and abundant possibilities, and for the community; that makes it such an engaging, embracing place to live.


What does Rebecca stand for?

Foremost in her beliefs is the need for all people in the community to have access to services, gainful employment, affordable housing, and to be included and heard in decisions that effect their lives.

Rebecca has been involved in numerous fundraising activities. These include raising money to purchase a sound system for a community hall, YANA (You are Not Alone), and MARS (Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society), as well as two Comox Valley individuals in their fight against cancer. Her belief is that if we work together we can all succeed in our goals, financial challenges, and the betterment of our community.

Rebecca’s vision for the future of Courtenay includes continuing to work towards affordable housing for all, and involvement in urban design projects that focus on moving from a car-centric model of transportation towards road sharing with alternative means of transportation.  One of her commitments if elected is to focus on the densification and restoration of downtown Courtenay and to minimize urban sprawl.  Rebecca’s mandate as a community representative includes supporting local business, farmers, and education in order to expand and build a sustainable local economy.


Among many skills Rebecca is a great listener and skilled consensus seeker. One of her major strengths is bringing people together and finding common ground.

Megan Griffiths

Owner, Hairpins Boutique